P.The need for life skills is paramount to success of any adult.  Many people that have challenges reached out to A Better Track because of poor choices, many of these choices were because of a lack of aquired skills nessesary in adult life.  A Better Track guides clients thru a  four part strategy designed to prepare them for the basic needs they will find in adult life.  The progarm is designed in four parts.  Each part focuses on

1 Creating Smart Goals

2 Writing the Goals down

3 Creating a plan to achieve the goals

4 Setting a timeline

5 Taking action

6 Reevaluating

The four part curriculum begins at a volunteer stage.  This part of the program lasts one month and focuses on discipline and job creation. The second installment targets continued sobriety and functional living.  Number three revolves around giving back and polishing the skills already learned.  Finishing up is The Accomplished Life Skills Unit polishing closing out the program . Program leaders are guided by Nanci  Maynard Lemaster  B.S. Ed, M.A, & M.Ed.